DIAMOND Sustaining value by managing a rough and polished diamond supply chain that ensures quality consistency and value-driven relationships.


Our mandate is to provide and manage a rough and polished diamond supply chain that ensuressecurity and optimum operations as per our client needs. That means, among other things, the need to have developed viable relationships based on trust with our all parties/partners. Understanding that we have to maintain the required quantity and quality flow of rough diamonds. We provide purchase platforms for rough and polished diamonds for our clients worldwide. Our platforms include government owned enterprises, private companies and Affluential Individuals around the world.
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In regards to tenders, we have set tender platforms in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Miami (USA), and a working relationship with the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange and Dubai Diamond Centre. We sort out sort diamonds into parcels that are homogenous in terms of characteristics such as size, quality, and color. We then invite buyers are invited to view the diamonds for sale and evaluate what they believe to be the appropriate price for each parcel. Rather than the producer determining the price of each assortment, here the buyer’s bid for individual parcels and the nature of such we sell to the highest bidder.
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We also invite Producers to sell diamonds through the auction platform. Our auctions are similar to tenders, though the bidding process is more sophisticated. Diamond auctions work much like auctions for precious art or collectibles, where interested buyers place incrementally higher bids until a single buyer remains a quite normal feat in this regard.

We also facilitate private sales.From the buyers’ perspective the means that we are getting specifics of whats needed and examining available lots for the specific purchase and provide accordingly. From the sellers perspective, this entails that we are given a lot/stone and offering it to some of our reputable buyers thus completing the transaction in the usual manner.