Dexterous DMCC Competence through use of strategic and unique tools and skills to process the living and ever increasing data stream, by applying advanced sourcing methods, thus otaning measurable and through supplier performance that is directly associated with increased cost savings.

About Us

Dexterous DMCC is a Dubai based company in DMCC, a Free Trade zone of the United Arab Emirates. Dexterous DMCC is a Global company with a growing strength in 5 continents and a continuous growing base of networks in the diamond ,gold and commodities Industries.We believe in transparency in our dealings, we are a hands on company, getting into every aspect of business, changing what we think is necessary and creating viable long term relationships through diligence and accuracy in all communication.
About Us | Dexterous DMCC
About Us | Dexterous DMCC

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our clients and partners to grow and be efficient by providing already set platforms for business operations. We are experts in the commodities procurement industry and taking advantage of opportunities that arise.

We believe in creating simple business approaches to mitigate the complexities that are naturally part of the procurement Industries.

A part of this naturally processes in to the other side of Dexterous DMCC -our consulting business. We consult business around the world from telecommunications to sports agencies.


Our mandate is to provide and manage a rough and polished diamond supply chain that ensures security and optimum operations as per our client needs. That means, among other things, the need to have developed viable relationships based on trust with our all parties/partners.
Understanding that we have to maintain the required quantity and quality flow of rough diamonds. We provide purchase platforms for rough and polished diamonds for our clients worldwide. Our platforms include government owned enterprises, private companies and Affluential Individuals around the world ..


We, buys gold in all forms (dust, sponge, nuggets, bars) and in all purities from all over the world. We have or offices in Dubai as previously stated. Our main refinery is in Hong Kong and would prefer that most of our transactions are completed there. We however do not limit potential sellers to that as we understand that other people may as well want to transact in Dubai.
We have over the years set up a system that works for both and us in terms of security which is obviously the most important aspect in AU transactions. Suppliers/sellers/representatives/couriers come lift/ship to our office in Hong Kong and Dubai ..


Dexterous are a leading ethanol procurement specialist with partnerships in the USA.We have 3 plants that we currently manufacturing from , two of our operating plants are in plants are in South Dakota and 1 plant is in Michigan with a combined operating capacity of 13 million gallons of ethanol per month .

Our plants are strategically located thus giving those plants logistical and transportation cost advantages.We can supply non denatured and denatured.our denatured ethanol is B40 ..


Dexterous DMCC is a global energy company focused on geological sourcing through our reliable partners who are into,production, transportation, storage, processing and sales of fuel.
Dexterous DMCC’s strategic goal was to establish itself as a leader among global energy companies by diversifying sales markets, ensuring reliable supplies, improving operating efficiency and fulfilling its scientific and technical potential abilities within the proximal of sustainable pro environment friendly initiatives.We have been able to do this by our writ to building sustainable relationships built on trust.


With a surge in the demand for vein graphite as it is an integral part of modern industries that manufacture batteries, carbon brushes, lubricants and plastics amongst others. The unique properties that vein graphite have proved to be invaluable to these industries.Dexterous DMCC is positioned to provide this top of the range quality in demand product.
Flake graphite is a naturally occurring form of graphite that is typically found as discrete flakes ranging in size from 50-800 μm in diameter and 1-150 μm thick. This form of graphite has a high degree of crystallinity, which equates to ..