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Dexterous DMCC is a leading entity in the global diamond market, offering a comprehensive range of services in diamond procurement, trading, and sales. We specialize in sourcing both rough and polished diamonds, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality products. Our operations span multiple aspects of the diamond supply chain, from private sales and trade deals in Miami to tenders in Dubai, leveraging our extensive network of suppliers and buyers worldwide.

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Understanding Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most coveted gemstones due to their exceptional brilliance, durability, and rarity. Formed under intense heat and pressure over millions of years, diamonds are found in kimberlite pipes, alluvial deposits, and marine deposits. Their unique properties make them ideal for various applications, including jewelry, industrial cutting tools, and as an investment.

Global Procurement

Worldwide Sourcing: We source diamonds from prominent diamond-producing regions such as Africa, Canada, and China, ensuring a diverse and high-quality supply. Our procurement process includes stringent quality checks to ensure the integrity and value of each diamond.
Skilled Sorting: Our team of gemologists sorts rough diamonds into homogenous parcels based on size, quality, and color, making them ready for sale or further processing. This meticulous sorting process ensures that our clients receive diamonds that meet their exact specifications.

Security and Transparency

Secure Transactions: Dexterous DMCC prioritizes safety and security in all transactions. We employ comprehensive systems that benefit both buyers and sellers, ensuring peace of mind through secure handling and transparent processes. Our logistics network includes partnerships with leading security firms like Loomis Brinks and Malca-Amit, ensuring safe transportation of your diamonds.

Logistics Support

Goods can be delivered via leading couriers like Loomis Brinks or Malca-Amit worldwide. Additional services such as airport pickups, hotel accommodations, and visa application support are available for clients transacting in Hong Kong and Dubai. We also provide insurance options for added protection, ensuring that your diamonds are covered throughout the transportation process.

Rough Diamonds

Our inventory includes rough diamonds in various sizes, shapes, and qualities. We work with reliable suppliers to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality rough diamonds, suitable for further processing or direct sale. These rough diamonds are ideal for manufacturers looking to cut and polish them into fine jewelry pieces.

Polished Diamonds

Our polished diamonds are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including round, princess, marquise, and oval cuts. Each polished diamond undergoes rigorous grading and certification processes to ensure its quality and authenticity. We maintain excellent partnerships with diamond polishing centers in India, China, and Israel, where highly skilled artisans transform rough stones into brilliant polished gems.

Custom Diamond Services

We offer custom diamond cutting and polishing services to meet specific client requirements. Our gemologists and diamond cutters use specialized software to evaluate rough stones and determine the best cuts to maximize carat weight and quality. This ensures that each diamond meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and beauty.

Commitment to Community and Education


Beyond the Mandate

Educational Initiatives: Dexterous DMCC is committed to promoting the understanding and appreciation of diamonds. We support long-term educational and community initiatives that highlight the socio-economic importance of diamonds. Our educational programs include workshops, seminars, and informational materials designed to educate the public about the benefits and opportunities of investing in diamonds. We also collaborate with schools and universities to promote diamond-related research and studies.

Community Impact

Our initiatives aim to educate communities about the opportunities diamonds offer and their role in driving positive change in industry and society. We believe in creating a lasting impact by fostering an appreciation for diamonds as a cornerstone of economic success. Through our community outreach programs, we support local economies and provide resources to help individuals and businesses thrive. We are dedicated to building strong relationships with the communities we serve, promoting sustainable development, and contributing to social welfare.

Ethical Sourcing

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our sourcing and processing practices. We prioritize ethical sourcing and environmentally friendly practices, ensuring that our diamond production minimizes environmental impact and supports responsible mining practices. We work closely with mining partners who adhere to strict environmental and social standards, ensuring that our diamonds are sourced responsibly. Our ethical sourcing initiatives include efforts to reduce carbon emissions, conserve water, and protect biodiversity in mining areas.

Environmental Responsibility

We implement sustainable practices throughout our operations, from mining to processing, to ensure that we minimize our ecological footprint. Our goal is to promote a greener, more sustainable future in the diamond industry. Our environmental responsibility initiatives include investing in renewable energy, recycling waste materials, and reducing energy consumption in our facilities. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation in our sustainability practices, striving to set new standards for environmental stewardship in the diamond industry.

Why Dubai Zero Import and Export Duties

Dubai offers zero duties on imports and exports, making it an attractive hub for commodities like diamonds. As a registered entity following UAE and DMCC law, Dexterous DMCC facilitates duty-free transactions, ensuring cost efficiency for our clients.

Strategic Geographic Location and Infrastructure:

Dubai’s strategic location between Asia, Europe, and Africa, combined with its world-class infrastructure, makes it an ideal center for the diamond trade. The city’s advanced road networks, telecommunications, ports, and airports ensure seamless logistics and efficient business operations.

Accessibility and Business-Friendly Environment:

Dubai offers easy entry for business and leisure tourists, with reasonable regulations that facilitate international trade. The city’s commitment to maintaining a business-friendly environment attracts numerous diamond buyers and sellers, fostering a dynamic and competitive market.

Commodities Hub:

Dubai has become a leading commodities hub, attracting businesses and entrepreneurs from around the world. The city’s robust economy, strategic location, and excellent infrastructure create an environment ripe with opportunities for the diamond industry.

Tenders and Auctions


Dexterous DMCC hosts tender platforms in Dubai through the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC), Miami (USA), and Guangzhou. We sort diamonds into homogenous parcels based on size, quality, and color, inviting buyers to view and bid on these parcels. Our transparent tender process ensures fair pricing and maximizes value for both buyers and sellers.


In addition to tenders, we facilitate sophisticated diamond auctions, where interested buyers place incrementally higher bids until a single buyer remains. Our auction platform operates similarly to those for precious art or collectibles, ensuring competitive and transparent transactions.

Private Sales &
Custom Transactions:

For buyers with specific requirements, we offer private sales services. This involves tailoring diamond lots to meet individual needs, ensuring that clients receive precisely what they are looking for. From the seller’s perspective, we handle the marketing and sale of specific lots to reputable buyers, facilitating seamless and secure transactions.

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