As we explore new strategies to develop our businesses and deliver value to existing and new clients, collaborative-oriented, client-focused partnerships can be an important part of the strategic plan. Our Central Head Office placement in the Middle East region continues to be branded as a community that is collaborative, innovative, inclusive, future-thinking and one with a global oriented agenda.

The importance of Strategic Partnerships Regardless of the industry in which your business operates cannot be overstated, having Dexterous DMCC as an ally on your side in the form of the strategic partner will benefit your company. A strategic partnership or an alliance will give you a competitive edge and an opportunity to access a broader range of resources and expertise. It is not that we are big of ourself but those whom we have partnered with are bigger within their respective industries, and that speaks volumes of us. In the modern colloquial the submission that game recognizes games is more true in this scenario.

We have an active partnership with the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre with our Head Office right next to Al-Mas Centre. We also have an active partnership with Guangzhou Diamond Centre who provide us with an open platform to hold tenders an. We hold private sales in Miami and Europe for some of our clients. We are a member of the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) and the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX).

We have numerous partners around the world. As previously mentioned, some of our partners are Governments, Private Companies, Fortune 500 companies and Affluential individuals. Our clients and partners are spread across in Europe, Middle East, USA, Asia and Africa. This therefore by default become our active markets and trade route. We, however, have no limitation to where we can work and are constantly looking for new partnerships.

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See the map below showing regions where our busines influence is :