Our mission is to provide and manage a rough and polished diamond supply chain that ensures security and optimal operation according to customer requirements. This means, among other things, that you must have established stable and trusting relationships with all parties/partners. We understand the need to maintain the required flow of rough diamond quantity and quality. We provide customers around the world with a buying platform for rough and polished diamonds. Our platform includes state-owned companies, private companies and wealthy individuals around the world.

Diamond |Uncut Diamond |Rough Diamond |Polished Diamonds |Dexterous
Diamond |Uncut Diamond |Rough Diamond |Polished Diamonds |Dexterous

Rough Diamonds

We are currently bidding, private selling and trading in the United States, specifically Miami and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. However, Miami is a bit more difficult in terms of market saturation, so we decided to move the bid to Dubai and China.

We operate at several levels of the ‘value chain’. We have partners around the world who make such processes possible. This increases productivity and prevents unnecessary loss of profits due to constant change of ownership. We always aim to establish new relationships with one or more new suppliers of raw materials and abrasive materials for our customers and tenders in Dubai and Guangzhou. We want to be able to provide and manage a supply chain that guarantees safe operations. This means, among other things, maintaining the desired quality and flow of products and ensuring that our suppliers engage in ethical business practices. Onboarding multiple suppliers can dramatically increase sales and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

Polished Diamonds

Polished diamond is a general term for diamonds that have been processed without being bound by characteristics such as size and shape. Polished diamonds are graded according to four criteria and sold to dealers and customers. India is now the world’s largest polishing center and China, which has made great strides in the field over the past two decades, is her second largest center for diamond polishing. Both countries have renowned partners who have been in business for generations. We also have a valuable partnership with Israel, the world center for specialty cuts such as princess, marquise and oval. These cuts require a high level of skill and Israeli polishers have been known for decades.

Diamond |Uncut Diamond |Rough Diamond |Polished Diamonds |Dexterous
Diamond |Uncut Diamond |Rough Diamond |Polished Diamonds |Dexterous

Stages in Diamond Cutting

If you are a newbie and looking on learning a few things this will be is very important. First, diamond cutters examine the rough stone, its internal and external construct, and decide how to maintain as much carat weight and quality from the rough as possible. The diamond is examined by an expert gemologist and expert cutters. It is also possible to scan the diamond in specialized software to decide between several possible cuts. This has been the most common practice in the last few years.

The next step is diamond sawing. Not all diamonds are cut and taken directly to the next polishing step. Sawing can be done manually with a diamond saw or laser for maximum precision.

Diamond facets are formed in several steps. first step.

The final step is to soak the diamond in acid. At every stage of the process, the diamonds are repeatedly inspected to ensure the quality of our work. The goal is to get as much diamond weight as possible

Why Dubai

Zero import and export duties
This is probably the main reason why DMCC is one of the main commodities at the hub. Dubai offers zero customs!This is because through our company (because we are a registered entity under his UAE and DMCC laws) our suppliers can bring their products into the country and our buyers pay huge customs duties means you can buy without fear of paying.
Strategic Geographic Location and First-class Infrastructure
Strategically located between Asia, Europe and Africa, Dubai is conveniently located due to its proximity to the Asian powerhouses of China and India. Dubai has one of the best infrastructure in the world, including road networks, telecommunications, ports and airports. With Expo 2020 just around the corner, Dubai is investing heavily in infrastructure. Dubai’s Road Transport Authority (RTA) has announced plans to build a metro system that will connect the various pavilions of the exhibition grounds.
Diamond |Uncut Diamond |Rough Diamond |Polished Diamonds |Dexterous
Diamond |Uncut Diamond |Rough Diamond |Polished Diamonds |Dexterous


Dubai derives most of its income from tourism and is one of the most easily accessible developed countries, as it does not typically impose stringent restrictions on business and leisure tourists. Instead of customs regulations, Dubai offers more reasonable regulations that any reasonable person can meet when it comes to bringing products into the country and leaving the country.

Commodities Hub

Over the years, the tides of global trade have attracted many businesses and entrepreneurs to Dubai’s shores. There is no shortage of investment opportunities and business environment on Dubai’s shores. A strong and competitive economy, rich in strategic locations and dotted with world-class infrastructure, Dubai is a city of economic potential and home to some of the world’s most amazing wonders. is. These qualities are what attract rough diamond buyers who make Dubai their temporary or permanent residence. DMCC has customer cafes everywhere!

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The future – A vibrant and growing economy
Among the Emirates, Dubai has been the most successful in terms of economic growth, recovering from the 2009 recession and being very successful in diversifying away from oil. The government, through the Dubai Economic Development Board (OED), is responsible for transforming Dubai’s economic agenda and supporting the growth of its extractive industries by enacting business-friendly policies.
Peace and security!
The very effulgence and desire of every being on earth. The safety index for Dubai is well above 90.72!


For the tenders, we have established a bidding platform in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) through partnerships with the Dubai Multi-Commodity Center (DMCC), Miami (USA) and the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange. Sort diamonds into packages that are uniform in characteristics such as size, quality and color. Next, ask buyers to view the diamonds for sale and rate what they think is a fair price for each package. Rather than the manufacturer setting the price of each assortment, the buyer’s bid for each individual package and its condition will be sold to the highest bidder.

Diamond |Uncut Diamond |Rough Diamond |Polished Diamonds |Dexterous

We also invite producers to sell their diamonds through our auction platform. Our auctions are similar to bidding, but the bidding process is more rigorous. Diamonds His auctions are much like those of fine art or collectibles, with interested buyers gradually raising their bids until one buyer maintains perfectly normal performance in this regard. To go. We also mediate private sales. From a buyer’s perspective, this means knowing exactly what is needed, seeing the lots available for a particular purchase, and allocating accordingly. , which means taking a lot/stones, offering it to a reputable buyer, and completing the transaction in the usual way.