Our mission is to secure and efficiently handle a diamond supply chain with our clients’ needs in mind. This involves building lasting, reliable relationships and making sure the quantity as well as quality of rough diamonds stay up to par. We provide purchase platforms for both rough-cut and polished stones worldwide; these include publicly owned enterprises, private businesses, and affluent clientele across the globe.

Diamond |Uncut Diamond |Rough Diamond |Polished Diamonds |Dexterous
Diamond |Uncut Diamond |Rough Diamond |Polished Diamonds |Dexterous

Rough Diamonds

Our operations span multiple aspects of the value chain, from private sales and trade deals in Miami to tenders in Dubai. To reduce market saturation and maximize profits, we’ve expanded our reach into China – creating more far-reaching partnerships with rough diamond suppliers across the world who are capable of providing rough stones to polished gems for our clients. By establishing these relationships, it allows us to ensure that production remains optimized during every step throughout this process. To maximize sales and customer satisfaction, it is crucial to cultivate a portfolio of reliable suppliers who can provide consistent quality products in an ethical manner. Establishing good relationships with multiple vendors will help us achieve this goal.

Polished Diamonds

Polished diamonds are highly sought-after gems, which have been expertly crafted to a variety of sizes and shapes. The global diamond polishing industry is dominated by India and China – two countries with generations worth of experience in this field. We also maintain excellent partnerships with Israel for those demanding cuts such as Princess, marquise or oval that require the high level skill known among Israeli specialists over many decades now.

Diamond |Uncut Diamond |Rough Diamond |Polished Diamonds |Dexterous
Diamond |Uncut Diamond |Rough Diamond |Polished Diamonds |Dexterous

Stages in Diamond Cutting

If you are a newbie and looking on learning a few things this will be is very important. First, diamond cutters examine the rough stone, its internal and external construct, and decide how to maintain as much carat weight and quality from the rough as possible. The diamond is examined by an expert gemologist and expert cutters. It is also possible to scan the diamond in specialized software to decide between several possible cuts. This has been the most common practice in the last few years.

The next step is sawing the diamonds, although not all diamonds are sawed but instead are conveyed directly to the next stage in polishing. Sawing can be done manually using a diamond saw or laser for supreme precision.
Next, the diamond facets are shaped in several stages, the first being.
 The concluding step is soaking the diamond in acids. At each stage of the process, the diamond is inspected repeatedly to examine the quality of the work. The aim is to retain as much of the diamond weight as possible.

Why Dubai

Zero import and export duties
This is probably the chief reason why DMCC is one of the leading commodities in the hub. Dubai offers ZERO duty on! This means through us ( since we are a registered entity following UAE and DMCC Law) suppliers can bring their product into the country and buyers can buy without the fear of paying enormous duties.
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Strategic Geographic Location and First-class Infrastructure
Dubai is strategically located between Asia, Europe, and Africa and its proximity to the Asian giants, China and India make its location advantageous. Dubai has one of the best infrastructural facilities in the world, be it the road networks, telecommunications, ports, and airports. With the World Expo 2020 just around the corner, Dubai is investing heavily in infrastructure. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced plans to construct an underground railway system to connect the different pavilions at the expo site.
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Dubai is one of the easiest first world countries to get into, considering the country gets most of its income from tourism they tend not to put stringent restrictions on business and leisure tourists. Dubai offers more reasonable regulations that can be met by any reasonable individual in terms of bringing the product into the country and leaving in lieu of customs regulations.

Commodities Hub

Over the years, the tides of global commerce have brought numerous businesses and entrepreneurs on the shores of Dubai where opportunity and business environments are never too less to invest. With the strong and competitive economy, rich with strategic locations and dispersed with world-class infrastructure, Dubai is a city abundant with economic potential and home to the world’s most amazing wonders. These features have attracted several rough diamond buyers who have made Dubai their temporary or to some even permanent domicile. There is an ever-present customer cafe in DMCC!
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The future – A vibrant and growing economy
Among the Emirates, Dubai is the most successful in terms of economic growth and has been exceptionally successful in diversifying away from oil, bouncing back after the recession in 2009. The government through Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (OED) is responsible for transforming Dubai’s economic agenda and has been aiding in the growth of the commodities industry by passing policies that are business-friendly!
Peace and security!
The very effulgence and desire of every being on earth. The safety index for Dubai is well above 90.72!


In regards to tenders, we have set tender platforms in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) through the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC), Miami (USA), and a working relationship with the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange. We sort out sort diamonds into parcels that are homogenous in terms of characteristics such as size, quality, and colour. We then invite buyers are invited to view the diamonds for sale and evaluate what they believe to be the appropriate price for each parcel. Rather than the producer determining the price of each assortment, here the buyer’s bid for individual parcels and the nature of such we sell to the highest bidder.

Diamond |Uncut Diamond |Rough Diamond |Polished Diamonds |Dexterous

We also invite Producers to sell diamonds through the auction platform. Our auctions are similar to tenders, though the bidding process is more sophisticated. Diamond auctions work much like auctions for precious art or collectables, where interested buyers place incrementally higher bids until a single buyer remains a quite normal feat in this regard. We also facilitate private sales. From the buyers’ perspective the means that we are getting specifics of what’s needed and examining available lots for the specific purchase and provide accordingly. From the seller’s perspective, this entails that we are given a lot/stone and offering it to some of our reputable buyers thus completing the transaction in the usual manner.