What is Gold?

There are two types of native gold: elements and metals. The beauty of the gold, its rarity, resistance to tarnish, and its many special properties – some of which are unique to gold – make it highly valued by people. Gold has more applications than any other element. As a result of these factors, gold enjoys a higher price than most other metals except for a few.
Most parts of the world contain trace amounts of gold, but only a very small number of places have large deposits. In spite of the fact that there are roughly twenty different gold minerals, they are all very rare. Hence, the native metal is the main form of gold found in nature.
As a result of ascending solutions, gold can be found in hydrothermal veins, as dispersed particles in some sulfide deposits, and in placer deposits.

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Gold, with its remarkable properties such as resistance to tarnish and impressive luster, is highly sought after by people all over the world. Despite being rare in nature due to minerals occurring only in small deposits around the globe, gold still reigns supreme among precious metals – excepting a select few. We owe this largely to hydrothermal veins that transport it from depths below; sulfide ore deposits that release particles of these shining yellow nuggets into common soils; as well as placer deposits made up primarily of heavy elements like gold worn down until discovering their final resting place on some shallow beach or riverbank somewhere out there!

What We do

We buy gold from all over the world in all forms and purities (dust, sponge, nuggets, bars, etc.). In addition to our Dubai office, we also have offices around the world. The majority of our transactions should be completed in Hong Kong, where our main refinery is located. As we realize that other people might also be interested in transacting in Dubai, we do not limit potential sellers to that. Through the years, we have put in place a system that works for both of us in terms of security, which is clearly the most important aspect of AU transactions.

Gold Bullion |Gold Refinery |Bullion Bars |Gold Bars |Gold Dore Bars

A System That Works -Security and Transparency

At Dexterous DMCC, we prioritize safety and security for every transaction. As a result, our comprehensive system benefits both buyers and sellers alike. To add further convenience to your experience with us, representatives are welcome at any of our offices in Hong Kong or Dubai; goods can also be delivered via leading couriers like Loomis Brinks or Malca-Amit worldwide. We additionally provide services such as airport pick ups, hotel stays/catering/entertainment arrangements here in HK & Dubai along with visa application support (including invitation letter). An email request is all it takes to access the purchase terms that have been tailored just for you!

Beyond The Mandate 

Skilled and collaborative voices are critical to effectively guide long-term education and community initiatives that promote an understanding and appreciation of the value of gold for its vital role in the social fabric and economy of the community.
We Recognize and understand the value of gold, its relevance to everyday life, the multiple opportunities it offers, and its importance in the socio-economic context to drive positive change in industry and society. Create and support long-term educational and community initiatives that leave a positive legacy.

Gold Bullion |Gold Refinery |Bullion Bars |Gold Bars |Gold Dore Bars

We understand the far-reaching implications of gold, from its essential function in local industry and economy to unlocking opportunities for positive social change. Therefore, we strive to build sustainable initiatives that will empower communities by educating on this precious metal and encouraging appreciation for it as a cornerstone of our collective success.

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