About Us

Dexterous DMCC is a Dubai-based company located in DMCC, a Free Trade Zone of the United Arab Emirates. Dexterous DMCC is a global company with a growing presence on five continents and a continuously expanding network in the diamond, gold, ethanol (in the USA), and commodities industries at large. We believe in transparency in our dealings; we are a hands-on company, involving ourselves in every aspect of the business, making necessary changes, and creating long-lasting relationships through diligence and accuracy in all our communications. Our mission is to assist our clients and partners in growing and achieving efficiency by providing well-established platforms for business operations. We are experts in the commodities procurement industry and are adept at seizing opportunities as they arise. We believe in creating simple business approaches to mitigate the complexities that naturally come with the procurement industry.

We are also engaged in planning, implementation, and education for businesses, executives, and management personnel. We work directly with business owners to develop business plans, identify marketing needs, and foster the necessary skills for business ownership. Additional areas of competence and expertise include:

    • Identifying marketing needs and developing strategies to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition.
    • Providing education and resources on information technology, sales, and business regulations.
    • Developing strategic business plans with short and long-term goals.
    • Reviewing accounting and budgeting, and making recommendations.
    • Establishing hiring and training practices for qualified candidates.

    A part of this naturally occurring process is the other side of Dexterous DMCC -our consulting business. We consult business around the world from Telecommunications, Financial to Sports agencies. One of our understanding is that no business is too small or too big. We have a team of tried and tested Directors, full-proof founders of some of the biggest companies worldwide, International and Commercial Law experts with experience in the various facet of the Corporate world.

    Dexterous DMCC - about us

    Sourcing and Procurement

    We provide and manage a supply chain that ensures optimal operation according to our clients’ needs. This means, among other things, we ensure we have suppliers and buyers that maintain the dynamic equilibrium of quality flow of ethanol, rough diamonds, and graphite, among other commodities.

    We also provide purchase platforms for polished diamonds for our clients worldwide. Our platforms include government-owned enterprises, private companies, and affluent individuals around the world. We currently hold tenders and sales on the East Coast of Miami (USA) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates).


    Management consulting to us is a view of an entire company from top to bottom, looking at everything the company does and has. Once we have done the initial overview, we then set out a new development plan on how to improve certain aspects of the company.
    Sales consulting is self-explanatory, we help you improve sales. This can be done in many diverse ways. (More Sales, Different Sales, New Sales, Adding Profit to existing Sales) These are just a few.
    Financial consulting is arguably one of the most difficult forms of consulting but also the most important as it controls the most vital thing in a business. Money. A lot of companies have a high turnover but an extremely low profit, this should not be the case. Some of the opposite, a very healthy profit from a low turnover, this is good but still needs works with sales consulting.
    Growth consulting, two words that excite our director more than any other (except maybe the word corona’). Business thriving, sales good, finance great? What’s next. Expansion! Need a helping hand taking it to the next level? This can be anything such as; (A new product, a new office, a new Venture, a new company) Let us help in taking your business to new heights.
    Business consultation is a ‘helicopter view’ of your business. We come in and look at every aspect of your business for yourself and create a comprehensive report on everything good and everything bad, breaking down our points in a detailed but simple document.

    Dexterous DMCC also facilitates Corporate Team building to increase productivity. Our programs are designed to focus on team and management skills including leadership, communication, personal development and task achievement; generally achieved through experiential, outcome-based, entertaining activities. We can also customize activities to be suitable for any age, ability, function and group size. Activities are tailored to requirements and can be designed as half or full-day programs or overnight corporate adventures with fun and positive growth.